26 Jul 2011

Dynamics AX 2012 is here

Dynamics AX 2012 is the next generation of business software by Microsft. The standard package includes the classic ERP  + CRM + Accounting offering + extended functionality for lean manufacturing, process manufacturing, environmental sustainability dashboard, public sector, etc. The product is localized and translated in more than 40 languages and that makes it suitable for all sorts and sizes of customers all over the world.

Integration and ease of deployment is another the key point. Dynamics AX is offered by the Microsoft's channel of  ISV and VAR partners. Different types of deployments are offered- from on-premise to cloud-computing. AX fits nicely with the rest of the products in the stack: Hyper-V,  SharePoint, Visual Studio, SQL Server (SSRS, SSAS), Project Server, MS Office, Terminal Services, Windows Server AD, etc. and
 makes a perfect match for companies that run on Exchange and Excel (are there any other).

The UI  feels pretty much like Office 2010. End-users will love the way in which the information is organized. If you feel like weightlifting all the power from the previous versions is still present, but the ribbon interface makes things so much easier. In addiction to that the new and enhanced Workflow functionality allows for modeling all sorts of business scenarios with almost no need for programming.

Obviously the MBS division has invested a lot of effort in order to get the job done and
the future looks bright for AX 2012.

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