6 Sep. 2011

Dynamics AX Books

Dynamics AX: A Guide to Microsoft Axapta

This book is classic. It gives an overview of the product and its basic designs and frameworks.

Using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

This is excellent and up-to-date book on Dynamics AX. Highly recommended.

Managing Your Supply Chain using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

It's all about SCM. The book by manufacturing guru Scott Hamilton studies many different scenarios.

Technical books:

MORPHX IT, An introduction to Axapta X++ and the MorphX Development Suite

This is one of the first books on AX and X++ development. Highly recommended.

Inside Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2009

This is a must-read for every technical person starting up with X++ Dynamics AX as platform for development. After the release of this book for version 2009 Microsoft made available for free the book for version 4.0. You can download the pdf from here.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Programming: Getting Started

A well-written and gentle introduction to the world of X++ and Dynamics AX. Obviously if you have many years of experience with AX you will find less value in reading this book.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Development Cookbook

As the name suggests this book contains some recipes and boilerplate code to be adapted to your custom needs. If you struggle for hours to do something simple, well this is the book for you.

Quality Assurance for Dynamics AX-Based ERP Solutions: Verifying Dynamics AX customization to the Microsoft IBI Standards

An excellent book on quality assurance and best practices. Everybody should read this.

 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Administration

With every new release the installation process of AX gets even more involved than the previous version. This book is good introduction to the most common configurations. If you are faced with a very complex scenario it's very likely that you wont find all the answers in this book.

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